FORENEO Muller shoes are the king of this summer's ensemble

FORENEO Muller shoes are the king of this summer's ensemble

Wearing high heels in summer will definitely make your feet sweat, but showing your toes in open-toed shoes is not very elegant. So you should definitely try mules, which are a must-have for many fashionable women. Mules are so popular because they are not only stylish and versatile, but also comfortable and easy to wear. They are the perfect choice for busy urban women who need to get to work on time.

01 / What are Mules?

Mules are sometimes also called half-slippers and are shoes that expose the back of the foot and heel but wrap the toes. They come in flat, mid-heel, and high-heel versions, and can be categorized by heel thickness as either thin-heeled or thick-heeled versions, and by shoe tip as round-tipped, square-tipped, or pointed-tipped versions. They are comfortable and versatile, looking stylish whether paired with pants or dresses.

02 / How to Choose Mules

The different shoe styles of mules give off different vibes, and pointed-toe and square-toe mules are more stylish. The angular lines can accentuate the shape of the foot, making it look slender. Round-toe mules are slightly cute, but are harder to pull off, as they can make the feet look wide and thick, and not slender.

Therefore, if you want to wear mules to achieve the effect of looking tall and slim, you should wear pointed-toe styles, which can lengthen the leg lines and improve the proportions. However, they are not suitable for people with big feet, as they will make the feet look wide and thick.

In terms of fabric, you can choose leather, woven semi-sheer, matte, etc. according to your daily outfit matching. It can easily brighten up your outfit.

In terms of heel shape, if you want to be unique, you can choose an irregular heel. If you like retro outfits, you can choose a vintage square heel. If you like sexy and fashionable outfits, you can choose a sexy stiletto heel... Different heels give you more outfit styles.

In terms of the shoe face, you can choose simple and elegant plain styles, or elegant and elegant buckle styles, or sexy and delicate pearl decoration, etc., giving you a different temperament.

03 / Fashion wear of mule shoes

Mule shoes are famous for their casual and versatile style. They can easily create a relaxed and comfortable feeling when paired with wide-leg pants, and a cool and individual style when paired with skinny jeans. When paired with flared trousers with slits, they can create a retro style.

Pairing mule shoes with a dress is also full of surprises, showcasing elegant charm. When paired with floral dresses, there is a full French style that can't be stopped. When paired with a skirt, it can be sweet and salty. Lace and sheer skirts enhance the sense of refinement, while denim, pure cotton, and leather skirts are full of fashionable and leisurely sentiments.

This summer, do you love mule shoes and fall deeply in love with their beauty? Hopefully, these tips can provide some guidance on how to properly wear Mules and create your own unique style.

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